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The hottest female firefighters ever!

Calendar Shoot 2017

Photo Gallery

Have you ever wondered how the glamorous FireGirls™ Calendar is actually made? Numerous backstage photos give an authentic glimpse of the location shootings work. The enchanting FireGirls™ have spectacularly dramatized the original deployment locations on site to fill the 2017 Calendar with breath-taking pictures. Making full use of all their bodily capabilities and a full array of top technical equipment the FireGirls™ made a complete success of their exciting mission. Numerous atmospheric backstage photos are a convincing record of all the fun everyone had at the backstage shooting sessions.



FireGirls™ Calendar 2024

FireGirls™ Calendar 2024
Firefighters simply have to have it! The 21st edition of the FireGirls™ Calendar for 2024 is not to be missed.
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