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The hottest female firefighters ever!

Italy and R.E.A.S. under the spell of the FireGirls™

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The biggest Italian specialist exhibition for fire, rescue and disaster control was held close to the shores of Lake Garda from
9 - 11 October 2015.

For three full days the FireGirls™ stand became the number one attraction and emotional focal point of this giant event as Italian fans queued patiently to have their latest FireGirls™ Calendar 2016 signed.

Even iron hard Italian machos from the toughest service branches turned shy and sheepish at the stand as they melted into souvenir photo poses with the breath-taking FireGirls™.


FireGirls™ Calendar 2024

FireGirls™ Calendar 2024
Firefighters simply have to have it! The 21st edition of the FireGirls™ Calendar for 2024 is not to be missed.
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