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The hottest female firefighters ever!

FireGirls 2016

In the calendar 2016 you’ll find more sexy FireGirls™ than ever before. Experience six hot FireGirls™ each from their most exciting side!  

Portrait Format 29,5 × 61 cm
12 Calendar Months
Spiral-bound with hanger

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Hot Facts

The FireGirls™ calendar 2016 will really get the bell ringing for all fans with lots of firefighter action spiced up with plenty of eroticism! Six of the hottest FireGirls™ have posed superbly for this edition in real fire stations and at original locations. The unique sex appeal of the internationally popular FireGirls™ will stun you afresh month-by-month. There’s one thing for sure: With this calendar the year 2016 will again be the hottest on record!

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