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The hottest female firefighters ever!

at the Retter in Wels

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At Retter trade show in Wels, Austria fans of the amazing FireGirls™ had the chance to met them up close. All three FireGirls™ from the 2015 calendar were present for the very first time ring their signing shows. Hundreds of fans proved their commitment and waited in line for more than two hours to get their personally signed calendar edition. The live appearance of the FireGirls was the highlight of this year's trade show. A fantastic atmosphere and an outstanding experience for all trade show visitors were the results of the sexy trio's signing shows. FireGirls™ - a calendar, a lifestyle


FireGirls™ Calendar 2024

FireGirls™ Calendar 2024
Firefighters simply have to have it! The 21st edition of the FireGirls™ Calendar for 2024 is not to be missed.
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