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The hottest female firefighters ever!

Calendar Shoot 2010

Photo Gallery

For the first time in the history of FireGirls™ the calendar shoot took place in the USA. The normally sleepy desert place Bullhead City, Arizona, was requickened by the array of three FireGirls™. Aside Louise Glover and Christine Smith, Sunisa Kim debuted in this edition. This exceptional FireGirl is one of the „Sexiest Women alive“ and told us that she has never experienced such a thrilling and exciting photo shoot before. Thanks to this pictures you can immerse into the proceedings of this sensational photo shoot. 


FireGirls™ Calendar 2023

FireGirls™ Calendar 2023
Firefighters simply have to have it! The 21st edition of the FireGirls™ Calendar for 2023 is not to be missed.
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